For a few weeks now, our restaurant has been at a standstill.

One of the aspects that we are missing is our contact, your experiences that we live together. Sharing our passion is not possible now and we do not know for how long.

And we miss it!

I want to share… my love of cooking, the products of my artisans, I want to continue to promote those people, who create beauty. Nature of course never stops and I would like to use this moment to honour those who shape the earth and make sure that it is respected.

Moreover, it is impossible to recreate the spontaneity of a restaurant-experience.

For all these reasons, we have decided to create a package that brings together all these values…

In that way we can be with you for a while!

Package, in this composition


This week we take care of your aperitif… with these 4 cooked snacks:

  • Tartlet of foie gras crème, with stewed onions and young garlic
  • Aspic of green asparagus from Madame Gustin in a violet-kombucha gel, lepidium
  • Trout quenelle from Ondeval, lobster sauce
  • Coppa-roll from Berkshire from la Ferme de Tabreux, goat cheese and flowers


  • 1 bottle of Judukru Auxerrois 2018
  • Kombucha of black locust


  • 1 three-cereals sourdough bread (flour from the Baré farm)
  • 1 homemade chocolate spread
  • Verbena to infuse

65 €

To complete your meal

Djîn, the gin of L’air du temps, 50 cl

45 €

Honey from the L’air du temps garden

12 €

Ordering is possible from Friday 12am till Monday 12 am (ordering and payment: see below)

Take away on the Thursday after your order, between 4pm and 6 pm
in Brussels (SAN Sablon – Rue Joseph Stevens, 12, 1000 Brussels)
at L’air du temps (Rue de la Croix Monet 2, 5310 Eghezée – Liernu)
in Mons (rue de Saint Lazare 95, 7000 Mons)