à la carte


2012: Liernu – Seasonal vegetables and oil of the time – 2018 version

Declination: 15 shades of cabbage, oil of cabbage, lacto juice

55 €


White: Scallops with dongchimi, lacto daikon, lemon

Ceviche: Sea bass, leche del tigre, turnip, spicy oil

Pumpkin: Grey shrimps, jus with coffee oil

55 €


2013: Venison and caviar – 2018 version

Hunting: As a Mortadelle of pheasant and bacon, radish

Tradition: Hare filet, pumpkin churros, legs “à la Royale »

65 €


25 €


2010: Little pie with Sweet Banana pumpkin

Roots: Salsify, carrots, potato, Jerusalem artichoke

Fall: Quince, chestnuts

Citrus from Belgium: Millefeuille, sudachi

20 €