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Rings: White Mechelen asparagus, Razor clams, wild greens
Viviane Gustin: Green asparagus, violet, bacon
Liernu: Seasonal vegetables and oil of the time

55 €


Spring: Translucent cod, apple, fennel, anchovy, boulgour
Something fishy: Peking eel, Black sesame, foie gras, smoked broth
Blue: Breton lobster, cherry blossom, jangajji of tomatoes

55 €


Tribute: Young pigeon from Sohan, beans, chanterelle mushrooms, woodruff
Ferme de Tabreux: Berkshire pork, fermented cabbage, einkorn wheat
Basque: Lamb, preserved lemon, goat cheese and honey, wild garlic

65 €

Cheese (15€ with a menu)

22 €


Geldof: Cuberdon, white chocolate with cardamom, potato
Evolution: Rhubarb
Roots: Preserved salsifies, grilled yeast icecream
Sakura: Nashi pear, cherry blossom, white tea sorbet

20 €