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2012: Liernu – Seasonal vegetables and oil of the time – 2018 version
Fruit or vegetable?: Seasonal tomatoes and oil of the time
Ashes: Coal roasted beet, powder of monarda, smoked jus with berries

55 €


2005: Kiwître – 2018 version
Shell: Scallops from Dieppe, mussels praliné, green walnuts, sudachi
South: Monkfish tail, Chorizo, kimchi, root vegetables

55 €


2013: Venison and caviar – 2018 version
Thai flavor: Limousine 14 years, cabbage textures, galanga, Thai basil
Duck from Rouen: Lacto and pickled vegetables, Belgian Sichuan pepper sauce – for 2 65€/pp

65 €


25 €


2010: Little pie with Sweet Banana pumpkin
Beehive: Floral, fruity and spicy flavours of honey from our garden
Chastre: Fig, cream of goat cheese, black olives, fennel sorbet
Chocolate: Kalamansi, salted butter caramel, vanilla

20 €